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You can find the story on this year's brewing on the News page.

The Festival starts its set-up on a Monday morning and there are two days of hectic activity to get the hall ready for our first visitors on Wednesday lunchtime.

Andy Parkinson and friend get the London LocAle Bar set up at the 2011 Festival during CAMRA's 40th Birthday year. Finishing touches are put to the various stands.

Without customers, the hall sparkles and awaits the thirsty throng.

The calm before the storm, all that's needed now are some thirsty customers!

And sure enough, a thirsty throng duly arrives to sample the beers and ciders on offer.

In 2011, recognising the incredible growth in London's new breweries, the Festival had a special bar dedicated to their beers and it proved tremendously popular.

No room at the LocAle Bar now!

The contrast between an empty hall and one full of happy drinkers can clearly be seen.

A view from behind the barrels on the stage looking up to a full balcony.

The Festival is proud to run its own kitchen with volunteer staff and a side-hall has tables for sit down eating but just in case people get hungry, there are other options!

No need to go hungry! The kitchen team get ready to serve their delights in a more conventional way

There's plenty to do besides serving beer and the door stewards get their station ready before opening time.

The happy, smiling men and women in orange get ready to welcome visitors.

And no sooner has the Festival seemingly opened than Saturday morning and the big clear out comes.

And that's it for another year - time to clear out the empties and pack up the cases.

The crew take a breather surrounded by empty barrels and cleared scaffolding.