London Drinker Food wonderful food

This beer festival is one of the very few where the food is produced by unpaid volunteers. This means we can let them give way to their enthusiasm for dishes using good quality ingredients and still keep our prices down.

We try and cater for all tastes and desires, from those just wanting a snack to our hearty dishes of the day, designed for both meat eaters and veggies alike. This year, the team has decided to go a little more exotic with their popular sausage dishes– including wild boar baguettes and ‘Old Duckie’ sausage, all once again from award winning sausage maker, O'Hagan. But it isn’t all exotic, we are introducing fish finger baguettes as another easy alternative to soak up the beer.

The menu for the week is:


Seasoned Chicken Compote An enticing dish with a sweet cider sauce served with root vegetables

Four Bean & Broccoli Bake (vegetarian) Broad, Butter and Haricot beans are mixed with French beans and Broccoli to create colourful and filling dish.

‘Old Duckie’ Sausages Available in bread or with mash and baked beans.


Chilli Con Carne with Lemon Rice An old pub favourite with kidney beans but this time accompanied by a fragrant lemon rice

Vegetable Couscous (vegetarian) A delicious couscous dish with Courgettes, Aubergines, Red Peppers, Onions and peas

Chinese Curry Sausages A sausage flavoured with Chinese spices to create a more delicate curry flavour. Available in bread or with mash and baked beans.


Slow cooked pork with Indian spices A flavoursome Indian style spiced dish served with pasta – warming for a cold day.

Garburf (vegetarian) This oddly named dish has a base of sliced Savoy cabbage combined with a selection of vegetables (onions, carrots, white and green beans) and cooked in a vegetable stock flavoured with thyme.

Mother’s Ruin Sausages An unusual sausage using gin and available in bread or with mash and baked beans.


Other things to eat include white boar or fish finger baquettes, pizza slices and jacket potatoes plus ham and cheese baps; the latter are also available on the bars.

Bon Appetite